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Free Group Meditations

(a.k.a. Siddhi Sundays!)

On the last Sunday in every month, I open my home for a free group meditation. Afterwards, we enjoy a delicious vegan meal. 

Want to come to the next one? Click the button below to book (at least a week in advance).

Group meditation food outside.jpg

Enjoying our vegan feast in the garden after our Sunday group meditation.

Why meditate in a group?

When we meditate together, we're meditating with the energy of all of the experienced meditators in the room. That heightens the experience. Meditators who've come have told me they notice a difference from their experience of meditating alone.

What happens at a Sunday group meditation?

Five minutes of pranayama, 20 minutes of meditation and five minutes of rest. If you don't have a TM mantra, I'll give you a beginner's mantra!

Why Siddhi Sundays?


It's called Siddhi Sundays, because if more than three Siddhars (more experienced meditators) come, we divide into two groups, and the more experienced group does five minutes of pranayama, 20 minutes with the TM mantras, 10 minutes of rest and 5 minutes of Vedic chanting.

Afterwards, we all join together and enjoy a vegan feast.

Group meditation vegan food.jpg

Want to join us? Here's more info

When and where does it happen?

On the last Sunday of every month, at 67 Highworth Rd, N11 2SN. We start just before 5pm and finish at 8.30pm.

Do I need to book?

Yes, you need to let me know if you're coming a week in advance, so I can make sure I buy and cook enough food! 

Can I park on the road?

Yes, there is free parking on my road. My home is in the ULEZ zone though, so be mindful of that if you have an old car.

What about food allergies?

All the food is vegan and generally gluten free. If something isn't gluten free, we'll tell you.

Do I need to know how to meditate?

Absolutely not. If you haven't meditated before, I'll give you a beginner's mantra, and tell you how to use it. Everyone is welcome!

Eating together after our Sunday group meditation.

Do I need to pay anything?

You don't need to, but donations towards the cost of food are very welcome (the minimum suggested donation is £5). Your presence is more important than your money, so please still come along if you can't afford that.

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