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TM Courses 2022

Private Courses

Maggie specialises in teaching privately

Online and in person

Private one-on-one courses are available for £1000.
You can add additional people who can learn as a private group (e.g., as part of a family or company department) for an additional £250 per person.



Contact us to book in advance and avoid disappointment.

Public Courses

As the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have eased dramatically,

Maggie has returned to teaching live classes in Crouch End and Bounds Green.

19-21 February 

19-21 March

16-18 April

21-23 May 

Classes are taught in person at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End, North London,

although the final, Monday evening session, usually is taught on Zoom

Online Courses

Get in touch if you would like an online course in your time zone.

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